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The model of Macclesfield's two stations, Hibel Road and Central has been under construction since 1996 by the Macclesfield Model Railway Group and many people have contibuted to it. In recent years, Ian Hibbert and Ray Slack continued the quest to build the 18'6" by 6' representation of Macclesfield in 1:148 scale (or 'N Gauge'  - which is also 2mm to the foot).


Sadly Ian passed away and left quite a void not only in terms of leadership but also as one of the key modellers involved. A change of team has now been made and some renewed vigour injected to drive the model forward.


This is a summary of what the Macclesfield Railway Model could become.

The vision is to have a 1950s emphasis but still be able to be late 30s / Wartime too (on occasion). Firstly, the plan would be to ‘stick to the current prototype vision’ and add enhancements over time such as expanding the model to include other parts of the Town Centre. 

Eventually, the key theme would be the ‘Railways of Macclesfield and their impact on the town’ and make it ‘educational’ for viewers - down to ‘who is who’ (e.g. figures on the street / platforms) and what are they doing? Children could learn about many of the skills, trades and events which no longer remain but were once commonplace. Also a digital story could be built using time lapse or video, on its own dedicated website, to reach far beyond those who can view it in reality.

Future enhancements could include lights in buildings, street lights, a ‘Lamplighter’ passing through, detail inside the railway buildings to help explain ‘the life of the Railway’. Other ideas include sounds inc. St. Michael’s church bells, music of the 50s, working signals, smoke from chimneys, the Gas Yard Coal Tippler to work i.e. Coal loads in – empties out (magnets?), moving vehicles, working chimney sweep brushes and the Milk Slide at Hibel Road being in use.

There should also be an acceptance that it may be another 5+ years to complete the layout. In summary, the potential is great and after 20 years of effort to date, the plan is to complete the layout properly, to a high modelling and prototypical standard.


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